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One week ago, we ended our 12 Day search for the Lost Horizons aka Shangri-La in Yading, Sichuan Garze Autonomous…

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Listed as one of the amazing hikes you have to do, Yading has everything in one place. From snow-capped mountains to crystal clear lakes. Join us on this 2 day trek in Yading Nature Reserve as we will be hiking to Pearl Lake, Milk Lake and Multi-coloured Lake. En route to Pearl Lake we will be passing by Luorong Pasture where it is the best site to view the three holy mountains in Yading.

We will be embarking from Xinduqiao down to Yading, as Xinduqiao is known for its beautiful nature. We will be spending a night there so get your cameras ready to capture the beauty of Xinduqiao. For the last three days of this trip, we will be stopping over in Lijiang and Kunming for free & easy activities.

Join us on this summer trek and be rewarded with beautiful scenery, exploring Shangarila and forged new friendships!


Expedition Yading will be held from 18 June to 29 June 2018 (12D11N). We will be meeting at Changi Airport on 18 June 2018 at 1700HRS and arrive back in Singapore at 1840HRS on 29 June 2018.

Yading is a national reserve in Daocheng County, in the southwest of Sichuan Province, China. It is the home of China’s three holy mountains. The mountains and views will be a breathtaking sight to see.

We will be starting our trip from Chengdu and we will pass by Xinduqiao and Daocheng to stop and rest for the night. After a 2 day trek in Yading, we will head back to Chengdu while passing by Lijiang and Kunming for a 3 day RnR.

This trek has a difficulty of 3.5/5. The hike will be mostly manageable but we have to take into consideration of the altitude of more than 4000m. We will acclimatize for a day or two before the hike, as well as take precautionary measures to prevent altitude sickness.

The price for non-Rovers members is $1400.  Members are entitled to 5% discount to all Rovers treks, capped at a maximum of $50 per trip. After the 5% discount, price for Rovers members is $1350. (To learn more about Rovers membership, click here)

The cost for this trip includes return flight tickets, accommodations, Chinese style breakfast in Yading and Derong only, transport and domestic travel insurance provided by a tour agency. All meals (other than breakfast provided in Yading and Derong), personal expenses for RnR and international travel insurance are excluded from the cost.

Day 1: Gather at Changi Airport and depart for Chengdu

Day 2: Arrive at Chengdu and private transport to Xinduqiao via Kangding.

Day 3: Private transport to Daocheng via Litang. We will be visiting a Tibetan Monastery in Litang.

Day 4: Private transport to Yading Shangrila Town. We will be hiking to Pearl Lake and rest at Yading Village for the night.

Day 5: Hike to Milk lake and Multi-colour lake and rest for the night at Yading Shangrila Town.

Day 6: Private transport to Derong via Xiangcheng

Day 7: Private transport to Zhongdian. We will be visiting Grand Songzhanlin Monastery.

Day 8: Free and easy in Zhongdian

Day 9: Depart for Lijiang and free&easy in Lijiang

Day 10: Free & easy in Lijiang and depart for Kunming

Day 11: Free & easy in Kunming

Day 12: Flight back to Singapore

In June, Yading has an average temperature of 11.3 degrees Celsius. Although it is summer in Yading, do bring jackets and warmer clothing for the chilly nights.

We will be staying in hostels or hotels throughout the trip.

Unfortunately, there will be no local guide following us on the trek. But fret not, we are assured that it is a popular trek that can be done without guides by most who visit. The trek has a clear path to follow, and there will be signages and locals available to ask for help if the need arises.

We are bringing a total of 12 participants. As slots are limited and first come first serve, do sign up fast!


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