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EXPEDITION VIETNAM 24/12/18 – 5/01/19 🇻🇳 . Team Vietnam started our journey with a 2D1N trek in Ha Giang, visiting local villages such as Thon Tha and Khuoi My. We were welcomed warmly with home cooked food that fed our souls too 🏕 . For the next 3D2N, we continued with our adventure in Ha Giang Loop on motorbikes covering up to 430km. In Đồng Văn and Mèo Vạc District, we visited places like Mã Pí Lèng Pass, Quản Bạ Heaven Gate and Vuong Palace 🏞 . Starting at 1800m above sea level, we trekked up the gigantic beauty Mount Fansipan at 3,143m, over a 8 hour ascend and 6 hour descend in 2D1N 🌫⛰ . Finally, we ended our trip with a recovery trek in Sapa for 2D1N, admiring the emerald green rice terraces and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles of ethnic local groups. . Thank you to everyone who joined us on this adventure, for the unforgettable memories, laughter and support 😊

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When is the trip?

It will be a 13 days trip from 24th December 2018 to 5th January 2019. We will meet up at Changi Airport Terminal 4 on 24/12/18 at 1125HRS. We will arrive back in Singapore on 05/01/19 at 1510HRS!

Where are we going?

This trek is like no other as we take you to the mountains of Northern Vietnam. Hence, we will be doing not one, not two but three treks in total!

First, we will be doing a 2 day trek to visit some minority villages in Ha Giang, which is considered the less-visited Northern fringe of Vietnam. Then, we will be doing a 3 day motorbike tour in the Ha Giang Loop – a 320km through small villages and mountain passes and we will visit places such as the Lung Cu Flag Tower, Quan Ba and the Famous Ma Pi Leng Pass!

We will then travel to Sapa where we will do a 2D1N sunrise hike up Fansipan, the roof of Indochina at 3143m tall! After Fansipan, we will be doing another short 2D1N trek in the Sapa area where we will visit local villages and experience farming!

Lastly, after spending many days in nature, we will be spending a day in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam before we return back to Singapore.

Will this trek be difficult?

We are rating the treks 2.5-3.5 /5. While Ha Giang and Sapa are relatively easy treks (expect to cover long distances of 10 to 15km per day), Fansipan might be a bit more challenging as we will be going to an altitude of more than 3000m (expect altitude sickness).

You have to ensure that you are comfortable in pillioning in order to join this trip as we will be doing a 3 day biking tour in Ha Giang.

And really, your level of fitness determines how difficult this trek will be so come prepared!

How much is it and what does it include?

This trip will cost $1050 for NUS Rovers Members and $1100 for non-members. (Learn more about membership here if you would like to sign up!)

The price includes return airfare, accommodation, guides, meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) as stated in the itinerary* and local transportation (Train and bus tickets, Airport transfers and the Motorbike tour).

What is not included?

  1. VISA – Some of you might need to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam.
  2. Travel Insurance – NUS provides minimal insurance coverage for NUS students ONLY. Hence, NUS students are advised to purchase their own travel insurance for more coverage if they require. Non-NUS Students are responsible in getting their own travel insurance.
  3. You might want to consider getting a vaccination for childhood diseases (Tetanus and Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps and Rubella) as well as cover against food and water borne diseases, including Typhoid and Hepatitis A.
  4. Anything else that are not mentioned in the itinerary such as food, shopping expenses, tipping for the guides and transport during R&R.

How is the 13 days going to be like?

Day 1: We will depart from Singapore to Hanoi on Vietnam Airlines and we will travel on an overnight bus to Ha Giang.

Day 2: After arriving at Ha Giang, we will drive to Thon Tha Village for a tour and short trek. We will spend the night at a homestay. (LD)

Day 3: We will trek to Khuoi My Village to visit traditional houses and rice fields before trekking to Lung Vai Village. To end off the day, we will travel back to Ha Giang town to spend a night at a homestay. (BLD)

Day 4: We will start our motorbike tour in the Ha Giang loop and we will visit places such as the Heaven’s Gate, Quan Ba and Vuong Palace. We will be spending the night at a homestay in Dong Van. (BLD)

Day 5: We will visit the Lung Cu Flag tower at the Northern Most Frontier of Vietnam, and the Ma Pi Leng Pass. We will be spending the night at a homestay in Meo Vac. (BLD)

Day 6: We will travel to Mau Due and have a short trek at Mau Due before traveling back to Ha Giang Town. We will be spending the night at a homestay in Ha Giang Town. (BL)

Day 7: We will be traveling from Ha Giang to Sapa by bus in the morning. After arriving in Sapa, it will be Free & Easy. We will be spending the night at a hostel in Sapa Town. (B)

Day 8:  We will be hiking up Fansipan and we will ascend to 2800m above sea level to camp for the night. (BLD)

Day 9: We will start trekking in the middle of the night to the summit for the sunrise. Thereafter, we will descend and head back to Sapa to spend the night at a hostel. The rest of the time will be Free & Easy. (BL)

Day 10: We will be doing a 10-15km trek to Sa Seng Village in Sapa. (BLD)

Day 11: We will be doing a trek at a Bamboo Forest and we have arranged for some farming experience in Sapa. After the trek, we will be traveling to Lao Cai to board an overnight sleeper train back to Hanoi (BL)

Day 12: We will arrive at Hanoi in the morning and we will spend the rest of the day Free and Easy. We will spend the night at a hostel.

Day 13: Depart from Hanoi back to Singapore on Vietnam Airlines.

How’s the weather like?

Hanoi: High/Low, 22°C /15°C

Ha Giang: High/Low, 15°C/0°C (Chance of Snow!)

Sapa: High/Low, 15°C/ 7°C (Chance of Snow, Temperatures can drop to 0!)

Fansipan: High/Low, 9°C/-5°C (Higher chance of Snow!!)

Who says it doesn’t snow in Southeast Asia but please pack more warm clothings!

Where will we be spending our nights?

  • 9 nights in Hostels and Homestays at Ha Giang, Sapa and Hanoi
  • 1 night camping at 2800m in Fansipan
  • 1 night on an overnight train and 1 night on an overnight bus

Will there be a local guide?

Yes we have engaged local guides!

Who’s going?

You will be traveling with 3 committee members and 10 other participants! There are only 11 slots and as such, slot are limited so don’t hesitate and sign up now!

Important things that I need to take note before signing up:

  1. You must be comfortable pillioning on the motorcycle. Even if you have a license to ride, you are not allowed to ride the motorbike during the tour.
  2. Our trek company is only able to provide non-halal meals and vegetarian meals.
  3. Bring warm clothes because it WILL be very cold (and it might snow)!

How different is this trek?

Hmm.. if you enjoy going for long adventures, this is definitely the one for you!

Ha Giang is one of the less explored Northern part of Vietnam so join us in uncovering Ha Giang before it becomes another tourism hotspot in Vietnam! In addition to Ha Giang, we are also doing Fansipan and Sapa because we thought, what is a trip to Northern Vietnam without one of the most popular trek and the roof of Indochina?

Also, this is the first time that NUS Rovers will be doing a Biking Tour. The views are definitely going to be worthwhile and you might even get to experience snow without leaving Southeast Asia! This will be a good time for you to explore Vietnam with us!

How do I find out more about this trip?

Contact us at if you have any queries.


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