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EXPEDITION TAIWAN 03/01/19 – 10/01/19 🇹🇼 . The adventure of how 16 strangers became 16 friends. We covered the blissful Hehuanshan Range of Taiwan together, reaching many different peaks along the way, soaking in the scenery and sweat at the same time. . This was followed by a quick trip to Taroko Gorge where we were captivated by the allure of the gorge. We headed to Hualien after for the night, and did a quick cycling trip to Qixingtan pebble beach the next day to catch some waves~🌊 . We then ended our trip at Taipei, with a well-deserved feast at various night markets, as well as a visit to Xiangshan, to get a glimpse of Taipei 101 in all its glory!🏯 . To the bunch that made Taiwan much more beautiful, thank you for deciding to come on this trip, making it truly Taifun and may the amazing experiences fill our hearts and minds for a lifetime ❤

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1. When is the trip?

It is from 02 January 2019 to 10 January 2019.

We will meet you at Changi Airport on 02 January at 2200HRS and arrive back in Singapore on 10 January 0105HRS!

  1. What are some of the places we are visiting?

3D2N trek along the Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area, where we would be scaling several peaks, and catching the sunrises on certain days. There will also be one trek in Taipei, at YangMingShan.

We will also be visiting places such as CingJing Farm, Taroko Gorge, JiuFen, ShiFen, and many more!

  1. Will this trek be difficult?

As we are scaling different peaks, there will be a different difficulty for the different peaks.

Most would be easy (~2/5 toughness), but one of it would be around (~3.5/5). However fret not, as there will be adequate rests along the way and every day before the start of the trek. Moreover, most places that we are visiting will be well-paved. Do take note, that self-training would benefit you for this trek!

  1. How much is it and what does it include?

This trip will be $820 for NUS Rovers Members and $870 for non-members.

This price includes airfare, accommodation, private car, certain meals, entrance fees and certain miscallenoeus fee (e.g. lcoker fees).

  1. What is not included?
  • Travel Insurance. There is minimal insurance coverage provided by NUS for NUS students ONLY. However, NUS students are strongly encouraged to purchase your own travel insurance for the trip for more coverage.
  • Anything else such as food (that is not mentioned in the itinerary), shopping and transport during R&R.

  1. What is the brief itinerary?

Day 1:

Singapore – Taipei, Taoyuan via plane: [0120] SIN – [0600] TPE

Tour around Cingjing Farm

Day 2:

Trek along Hehuanshan Main Peak Trail, Shimenshan Trail and East Peak Trail.

Day 3:

Trek to North Peak Trail and West Peak Trail.

Day 4:

Trek to East Peak Trail for sunrise.

Tour around Taroko gorge.

Dongdamen Night Market.

Day 5:

Arrive at Taipei, and R&R.

Day 6:

Trek at YangMingShan in the morning, R&R at night.

Day 7:

Visit Jiufen, Shifen.

Day 8:

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, then R&R

Taipei, Taoyuan – Singapore via plane: [2020] SIN – [0105 (+1day)] TPE

  1. How’s the weather like?

Cingjing : 15° / 6°

Hualien: 21° / 15°

Taipei: 21° /15°

Hehuanshan: -1°/-7° (variable from year-to-year)

  1. Where will we be spending our nights?
  • 3 nights in Cingjing Villa
  • 1 night in Hualien Hostel
  • 3 nights in Taipei Airbnb

  1. Will there be a local guide?

Yes, they are also our driver and they will be Chinese speaking.
However, the Hehuanshan treks will be done without a guide as the paths are well-paved and there is no requirement for a guide.

  1. Who is going?

There will be a total of 16 of us. 4 committee members and 12 of you! Slots are limited so don’t hesitate and sign up now!

  1. Important things for me to know before I sign up:
  1. Remember to bring warm clothing because it gets really cold!
  2. Along the trek, there might be certain areas without internet access.
  3. Generally, Taipei is an easy place to get around and the people there are really friendly.

  1. How is this trek different from the others?

January is one of the coldest months in Taiwan. Temperatures might get especially colder in the Hehuanshan region with a chance of snowfall (Although this varies from year-to-year)! So if you want to experience a cooler weather, this is for you!

Hehuanshan is one of the best places to trek in Taiwan year-round, and this is supported by many blog posts! It has scenic views and every step is worth it. On top of that, its been known to have stunning views of the starry night sky and even the milky way if the weather allows!

Also, Taiwan is generally a safe country, so you do not have to fear going out at night, or going around alone (though we will enforce a buddy system at least).

Last but not least, Taiwan is the land of food!! So all you foodies out there, you know this is for you!

  1. Are there any particular medical and safety cautions to be aware of?

You are encouraged to get additional travel insurance on top of the one provided by NUS (if you are an NUS student). Non-NUS Students are required to purchase your own travel insurance

During parts of the trip, there will be a few hours of driving with some winding roads. So if you have motion sickness, you are encouraged to bring them along.

During the first few days of the trip, we will be experiencing altitudes of over 3000 Meters. You may be required to take altitude sickness medications to prevent the onset of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

  1. How do I find out more information?

Feel free to contact us at roverstaiwantrek@gmail.com if you have any queries!

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