Mt Ophir Trek FAQ!

When is the trek?

It will be a one-day trek on 17th June 2017. We will meet early in the morning (3:15am @ NUS University Hall) and be back at night (dismissal 2000 Hours @ JB Sentral)

Where is Mt Ophir

Mt Ophir (1276m), also known as Gunung Ledang, is located towards the northwest end of Johor, Malaysia, in Tangkak district. It is the highest peak in Johor.

What is the difficulty rating of this trek?

The trek is about 3/5. It is expected to take around 8 hours to finish. Having a reasonable amount of fitness would definitely help! This will help you keep fit during summer, and you can train simply by climbing stairs!

What is the brief itinerary?

0515 – Assemble at NUS

0530 – Chartered Bus Pick Up

0600 – Arrival at Woodlands Check Point

0900 – Arrival at Base of Mt Ophir

1300 – Mt Ophir Summit

1700 – Back at Base of Mt Ophir

1730 – Bus Pick Up from Mt Ophir

2000 – Arrival at JB Sentral / Dismissal

What about meals throughout the day?

Participants are expected to bring your own food (enough for breakfast and lunch) and water along for the trek. Along the various checkpoints, we will stop for a quick bite. Dinner can be at JB Sentral after dismissal.

Where will we spend out nights?

Back at home before you know it because this is a hassle free one-day trek for those with busy schedules!

Will there be a local guide?

We have chartered a bus and enlisted local guides for the hike up Mt Ophir.

How many participants will be on this trek?

We have 5 committee members and can bring a maximum of 25 participants on the trek.

How much is the trip? What does the cost include?

The cost of the trek is $50 (Non-members)/ $45 (Members).

It includes the Chartered Bus from Singapore to Mt Ophir & Mt Ophir to JB Sentral, the mandatory hiking permits and local guide fees. It does not include meals and drinks before and after the hike.

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