Ladakh Trek FAQ!

When is the trip?

This trip is from 1st July 2017 to 11th July 2017 (11D 10N). We will be meeting at Changi Airport on 1st July at 0800, and arrive back in Singapore on around 2215 on 11th July.

Where is Ladakh?

Ladakh is a mountain range belonging to the Indian borders of the Himalayas. It is located in Northern India, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).

Where will we be visiting?

Join us on a spiritual journey to the majestic Himalayan region of Ladakh in Northern India!

En route to Ladakh, we will venture through Amritsar and Jammu. In Ladakh, we will explore Leh, a high altitude desert city (3500m) in the Himalayas. Embrace spectacular mountain scenery on a 3d2n trek from Zingchen to Chilling, with our highest point at Ganda La Pass (4961m), and have a taste of the Ladakhi lifestyle in warm homestays throughout. Soak in panoramic views as we unravel the beauty of Pangong Tso Lake (4350m), shared between India and China. On return, visit the legendary Golden Temple in Amritsar and witness the Wagah Border Ceremony at the India-Pakistan border.

What is the difficulty rating of this trek?

This trip is rated 4/ 5 .  While the trek itself only involves gentle slopes, the pretty (no pun intended) high altitude makes it challenging. At altitudes  constantly above 3000m, any individual might be susceptible to acute mountain sickness.

How’s the weather like?

We can expect weather in Ladakh to be 20-30 degrees C in the day and 10 degrees C at night. At high altitudes, temperatures may dip lower at night. Layering for the cold weather is a must!

Where will we spend our nights?

Our nights will be comfortably spent in guesthouses/hotels in Jammu, Amritsar & Leh, with 2 nights in homestays as we trek the valleys of Ladakh and 1 night in a camp at Pangong Tso Lake.

Will there be a local guide?

Yes, our trek in Ladakh will be led by local guides, yay!

How many participants will be on this trek?

We have 4 committee members and can bring a maximum of 8 participants on the trek, so hurry!

What is the brief itinerary?

Day 1 ( 1st July) : Flight from Singapore (SIN) to Amritsar (ATQ), followed by bus to Jammu, where we will rest for the night.

Day 2 (2nd July): Flight from Jammu (IXJ) to Leh (IXL). Explore the city of Leh, visiting the main market, old town, and ruins of Leh Palace. Accommodation in Leh.

Day 3 (3rd July) : Continue exploring Leh, visiting monasteries and Shanti Stupa to get aerial views of the desert city. Accommodation in Leh.

Day 4 (4th July) : Begin our 3d2n trek from Zingchen. Accommodation in homestays along the way.

Day 5 (5th July) : Pass through Ganda La Pass (4961m), the highest point of our trek.

Day 6 (6th July) : End our trek at Chilling River. Return to Leh for the night.

Day 7 (7th July) : 2d1n trip to the enchanting Pangong Tso Lake. Accommodation close to the Lake.

Day 8 (8th July) : Sunrise by the lake before returning to Leh

Day 9 (9th July) : Return flight from Leh (IXL) to Jammu (IXJ). Bus from Jammu to Amritsar, where we stay the night.

Day 10 (10th July) : Visit to the Golden Temple and Wagah Border Ceremony in Amritsar. Accommodation in Amritsar.

Day 11 (11th July) : Flight home from Amritsar (ATQ) to Singapore (SIN)

How much is the trip? What does the cost include?

This trip costs $1300 per pax. (Dependent on airfare price) It includes visa and airfare for two return flights (SINGAPORE-AMRITSAR & JAMMU-LEH), accommodations, travel insurance for NUS students, meals on the trek, local transport, guide fees, permits and all activities stated in the itinerary. Also, members of NUS Rovers are entitled to a $5 discount! Participants are advised to bring along sufficient money for personal expenses.

How is this trek different than the others?

Experience trekking in a desert at high altitude enveloped by the Great Himalayas! Complete with homestays to intimately experience how Ladakhi live in such harsh conditions in the Himalayas. Finally, learn about the rich culture of Ladakh which manifests itself in the numerous monasteries throughout the region.

What about inclement weather?

Decisions will be made on the ground based on recommendation by local guides. We will continue as planned if permissible but safety will always come first.


5 reasons you should never visit Ladakh. Should we trust this guy? Here we address his concerns!

1) Ladakh is too far.

– That is why we go during the summer holidays! We may not get much chances after graduating. We have planned the most feasible route to Ladakh (by air) to save us the long arduous journey that goes through windy mountainous roads.

2) Ladakh is expensive.

– Yes, Ladakh is undeniably a tourist hotspot for adventure enthusiasts. Hence, should you plan a trip to Ladakh, you could easily be spending up to $2500 per person. However, through our detailed and thoughtful budgeting and negotiations with trekking agencies, we have been able to cut this figure to half! More so, for an 11 day trip!

3) There are better alternatives.

– But there is only one Ladakh. The alternatives presented, though beautiful, are part of the Garhwal Himalayas region – with no direct flights available.

– Ladakh is where you get to experience a cool desert trek, engulf yourself in rich cultural enlightenment and be exposed to breathtaking realms of the mountainous valleys as well as the Greater Himalayas, unique only to ladakh.

– Finally, the alternatives are on our list too, so be sure to join us in future as well!

4) It’s more crowded than you think.

– Most of the crowds stem from tourists who go sightseeing on vehicles. / We can’t deny that it may be crowded. On the bright side, we get to meet fellow travellers from all over the world and share stories!

5) It’s freaking cold.

– That’s why we’re going during Summer, so it’ll be pleasant weather for trekking!

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