Mt Pulag/Pinatubo FAQs

When is this trip?

The trip is from 10 to 15 December (6D5N). We will be meeting at Changi Airport on 10 Dec at 3pm, our flight leaves at 5pm. We leave Manila on 15 Dec and return on the same day.

Where will be visiting?

We will be visiting 2 cities, Manila and Baguio, and 2 mountains, Pulag and Pinatubo. Manila is the capital of the Philippines and Baguio is known as the gateway to Mt Pulag National Park and the Sagada rice terraces. Mt Pulag is the highest peak on Luzon island at 2922m and Mt Pinatubo is an active volcano that last erupted 1991 (Don’t worry, it’s safe!).

What is the difficulty rating of this trek?

3.5 out of 5 stars. The climb up Mt Pulag will be physically challenging as it involves a elevation change of about 1000m in total. That being said, the trail is mostly gentle with few steep sections and the cool temperatures will be a great blessing.

How long are the various travel times?

Flight time from Singapore to Manila is 3 Hours 35 Minutes. The bus rides between Manila and Baguio are 7 hours (overnight bus). Travel time from the cities to the peaks are roughly 1.5 hours by jeepney.

How much does this trip cost? What does the cost include?

The estimated cost of this trek is $650SGD (dependent on airfare price). The money you pay will go into airfare, all land transport, the permits & guides, equipment for the climb up Mt Pulag (tents and sleeping bags), meals within Mt Pulag National Park, and 2 nights accommodation in Manila. Members of NUS Rovers and participants of Cyclohunt 2014 are eligible for a $5 discount.  You will however have to bring your own money for the rest of the meals and other expenses.

How many participants will there be on this trek?

There will be 15-20 participants on this trek.

What is the brief itinerary?

Day 1 (10 Dec): Flight from Singapore to Manila. Overnight bus to Baguio.

Day 2 (11 Dec): Arrive in Baguio. Jeepney to Mt Pulag National Park entrance. Trek to Mt Pulag base camp.

Day 3 (12 Dec): Rise early for sunrise summit of Mt Pulag. Return to Baguio by jeepney. Overnight bus to Manila.

Day 4 (13 Dec): Rest day in Manila.

Day 5 (14 Dec): Rise early for trip to Mt Pinatubo. Jeepney then hike to Pinatubo’s crater lake. Return to Manila.

Day 6 (15 Dec): Flight from Manila to Singapore.

Will there be a local guide?

We have enlisted a local agency to provide the guides, transport and accommodation.

Where will we be spending our nights?

Of the 5 nights, two will be spent on the overnight bus. Of the remaining 3 nights, 1 will be spent camping at Mt Pulag base camp and the other 2 will be in a Manila hostel.

How and where will we be having our meals?

Certain meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners) will be provided along the Mt Pulag trek. All other meals during the trek itself will be an opportunity for us to experience the wanders of Filipino cuisine! (We’ll have a guide to tell us what’s safe)

Will there be shower facilities?

There will be a shower facilities in Manila

How is this trek different from the others?

This trip will be rather cold for one, temperatures on Mt Pulag can drop below 10 degrees at night. For ardent peak baggers,  we will summit Mt Pulag, the highest mountain on Luzon island at 2922m. Mt Pinatubo is known for it’s ethereal “moonscape” surroundings and scenic crater lake.

What will the weather be like?

December is during the dry season for the Philippines, however we must be prepared for rain at any time as we are still in the tropics after all. Temperatures will vary greatly from Manila (like Singapore) to the peak of Mt Pulag (coooold, but not freezing, no snow don’t worry).