Mount Pulag, Philippines

Our Philippines adventure

1 mountain, 22 adventurers. With this, we boarded our night flight from Singapore to Manila. Upon arrival, we had to send one of our dear participant to the nearest hospital to treat his bad tummy ache. Despite meeting our first mishap on the first day of the trip, it did not waver our excited hearts to conquer Mt. Pulag. We travelled to Baguio City overnight with two vans and arrived early in the morning. It was a warm welcome to be greeted with two hippy looking jeep with vibrant and colourful graffitis painted on it. Following, we visited the sulfur spring and had our first local breakfast and continued our ride down to our homestay. The view at our homestay was beyond fascinating as we ate our dinner with the majestic sunset while waterfalls of cloud spewed cold air on our faces.

We woke up at midnight, mind and body ready to catch the sunrise at Mount Pulag. We ascended the mountain and trekked through the wet and muddy terrain. Our shoes slipped with every step, but it did not deter us from our goal of catching the sunrise. Finally, we reached the peak and we snuggled together in the cold, waiting for the sun to rise. As light dawned on the mountains, we bare witness to the beauty of Baguio, Ombre mountains from yellow to green contrasted with the clean blue skies of Philippines. After which we descended with a different perspective of the same route.

Strawberry wines, jams, keychains, and obviously, STRAWBERRIES! Baguio is the land of strawberries and of course, we had to visit their farm and observe how they were produced. With our souvenirs bought, we started heading to Sagada in our vans. And so, the road trip begins…

We started our morning early on day 4 to catch the gorgeous sunrise view at Kiltepan Tower. We were greeted with a large crowd as we squeezed together to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. As dawn peaks, yellow sunrays dispersed on a sea bed of white fluffy clouds and everyone whipped out their phones and camera to capture this beauty. Next, we hiked down the Banga-an Rice Terraces to arrive at the Bomod-ok Falls where everyone took a breather there while enjoying the cool water from the waterfall. The real adventure starts after our lunch in Sagada at the famous cave connection of Philippines. The thrilling 5 hours caving was not a disappointment. Despite its relatively high level of difficulty, the view inside the cave was wondrous. We had to squeeze ourselves through small holes, slide on the, waddle through tiny pool of water and do abseiling down the slippery boulders.

With a good night rest, we set off to Marlboro hills with immense excitement to explore the beautiful landscape and natural rock formations. The hike was pleasant as we get to see the top view of neighbouring hills and adorable formation of rocks that seemed to sprout out of the hills like small moles. Continuing our expedition, we hiked down to blue soil hills to bare witness to an amazing phenomenon where the hills is covered with natural blue sands. With this, our amazing hiking trip has ended as we started heading back to Manila.

Upon arrival at Manila international airport, we checked our bags at a luggage drop off point and we separated our ways in groups for our R&R. Some of us visited the American War Cemetery, Intramuros, café-hopping, Mall of Asia and the carnival at night. It was a day of relaxation and self-discovery as everyone explored Manila with their remaining time. As the night approached, we gathered ourselves and have our dinner at the airport before we all head back to Singapore.

With our hearts full, legs tired and eyes sleepy, our little adventure has come to an end but the amazing memories spent in Philippines will stay in our heart forever



When is the trip?

It is from 3 January (late in the evening) to 9 January 2018 (6D 6N). We will be meeting at Changi Airport on 3 January at 1930 and arrive back in Singapore at around 0300 on 10 January.

Where and what is Mount Pulag?

Mount Pulag is the highest mountain in the Island of Luzon, at 2,922 meters above sea level. This beautiful mountain lies between the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya.

FUN FACT! Mt. Pulag is named after the local term called Pul-ag, which means bald.

What are some of the places we are visiting?

Aside from climbing the majestic Mount Pulag, we will be visiting the following places:

  1. Strawberry Farm
  2. Banga-an Rice Terraces
  3. Bomod-ok falls
  4. Cave Connection Adventure (Sumaguing Cave)
  5. Kiltepan Viewpoint
  6. Manila City

What is the difficulty of this trek?

The 1-day Pulag climb is rated a 2/5. It is a trek through forests on a gradual incline (8km total to summit). Conditioning is important so please do try to ensure you are physically fit* in order not to make this climb a 5/5 difficulty rating for yourself and your fellow trek-mates. As January is frost season, the temperature can drop to as low as 2 degrees Celsius. Don’t underestimate the cold. If you get cold easily, ensure that you are well protected and you won’t have a hard time embarking on this trek! 🙂

*exercise at least twice a week (at least 30 min each exercise session) 2 weeks prior to the trip

How much is this trip? What does it include?

The price for non-Rovers members is $720 SGD. Members are entitled to 5% discount ($684) to all Rovers trek, capped at a maximum of $50 per trip.

Trip fees cover visa, airfare, accommodations, trekking guides & permits, meals during the trek, transports and tours. Food before and after the trek, shopping costs and personal medication will be borne by participants themselves.

What is the brief itinerary?


Highlight of Activities

(Day 0)

Flight from Singapore to Manila

(Day 1)

Travel to Baguio + visit Ambuklao Dam, Jang Jang Hanging Bridge and Daclan Sulfur Spring

(Day 2)

Mount Pulag Trek + visit Baguio Night Market

(Day 3)

Strawberry Farm + Session Road + travel to Sagada

(Day 4)

Sunrise viewing at Kiltepan Tower + Banga-an Rice Terraces + Cave Connection Adventure

(Day 5)

Marlboro Hills + Blue Soil Hills + Lake Danum

(Day 6)


(Night 6)

Arrival in Singapore

Where will we spend the nights?

We will be staying in spending our nights in homestay inns and rented houses – a good local experience! There will be 2 nights where we will have overnight transport when we are traveling from one city to the next.

Will there be a local guide?

Yes, there will be English speaking trek guides from the trek agency.

How many participants will be on this trek?

We are accepting 17 participants for this trek. Slots are limited, so sign up NOW here! Please read our terms and conditions here

How is this trek different from the others?

Mount Pulag trek offers views that rival tougher ones as we will be reaching similar altitudes while using significantly less effort. Why is it easier, you may ask? That’s because we are starting at higher ground (~2000m)! Also, this trek offers accepts a higher number of participants. So if you are in for spectacular sceneries or simply forging new friendships, this is the trek for you!

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