Just last month, NUS Rovers completed our journey to the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky, Mongolia! In the Gobi Desert, we…

Posted by NUS Rovers on Thursday, August 2, 2018

NUS Rovers will be organising a 14 Day 13 Night trek in Mongolia during Summer 2018. We will be traveling to Ulaanbaatar via a sleeper bus from Beijing before transferring to a sleeper train in Zamiin Udd to Ulaanbaatar. We will be visiting and trekking Terelj National Park, Khongor Sand Dunes, Gobi Desert and around the Yol Valley and Bayanzag-Flaming Cliffs. We will also be staying in gers and we will be accompanied by a guide throughout the trip.


It is from 16 July to 29 July 2018. We will meet you at Changi Airport on 16 July at 1130HRS and arrive back in Singapore on 29 July 1125HRS!

We will be stopping by Beijing for a short R&R before heading to Mongolia, where we will be visiting Tsagaan Suvarga (old seabed with sedimentary structure created over millions of years), Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, which is well-known for the Yol Valley, Khongor Sand Dunes (known as the singing sands and rises to a height of 400 meters), Bayanzag-Flaming Cliffs (where fossilised dinosaur skeletons and eggs were found), Terelj National Park (the third largest protected area in Mongolia) and the Chinggis Khaan Statue.

We are rating this trip 3/5. While we won’t be doing many steep climbs (if any) compared to other trips, we will be covering long distances of 10 to possibly more than 20km per day!

Most places that we are visiting might not be well-paved and you might experience difficulties trekking on unfamiliar grounds such as sand and desert-like conditions (the heat and dryness of the desert).

Hence, your level of fitness really determines how difficult this trek will be.

This trip will be $1685 for NUS Rovers Members and $1735 for non-members. (Learn more about membership here!)

This price includes airfare, accommodation, an English speaking guide, meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) as stated in the itinerary*, 1.5 Litres of water per day and transport (train and bus tickets, airport transfers and 4WD).

  1. VISA – Some of you might need to apply a visa to enter Mongolia.

  2. Travel Insurance. There is minimal insurance coverage provided by NUS for NUS students ONLY. However, NUS students are adviced to purchase your own travel insurance for the trip for more coverage.

  3. You may consider getting a vaccination against Rabies.

  4. Anything else such as food (that is not mentioned in the itinerary), shopping and transport during R&R.

Day 1:

Malaysia Airlines from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (1340HRS-1635HRS).

Kuala Lumpur to Beijing (1800HRS-0020HRS +1)


Day 2:

R&R in the day before the 1700HRS sleeper bus from Beijing to Erlian.


Day 3:

ETA at Erlian: 0630HRS (12 hr drive).

Travel from Erlian to Zamiin Uud border crossing by jeep.

Then travel from Zamiin Uud to Ulaanbaatar by a sleeper train at 1800HRS.


Day 4:

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and we’ll start the tour! We’ll be visiting Tsagaan Suvarga and staying overnight at a local ger (no electricity and no shower facilities).


Day 5:

After breakfast, we’ll drive to Yol Valley and we’ll be trekking in the region before staying overnight at a ger (no electricity and no shower facilities).


Day 6:

We’ll be driving to the Khongor Sand Dunes and overnight at a ger (no electricity but have shower facilities)


Day 7:

Travel and trek around the Bayanzag-Flaming Cliffs. Overnight at a ger (no electricity but have shower facilities)

Day 8:

We will be traveling and trekking at Baga Gazariin Chuluu.  Overnight at a ger (no electricity and no shower facilities)


Day 9:

Travel to and trek at Terelj National Park. Overnight at a ger (have electricity and shower facilities)


Day 10:

We will be exploring Terelj National Park and we will be traveling back to Ulaanbaatar in the evening.

Check in to Accommodation


Day 11:

After check out, we will have half a day of R&R in Ulaanbaatar before taking the 1630HRS train back to Zamiin Udd


Day 12:

Arrive Zamiin Uud and transfer to Erlian by jeep (~ a few hours)

After that, we will travel from Erlian to Beijing (Last Bus to Beijing at 1400HRS which will be pre booked)


Day 13:

Arrive in Beijing at midnight. Travel and check in at Accommodation.

After check out, R&R in Beijing.


Day 14:

Flight back from Beijing to KUL (0130-0750) and then travel from KUL to SIN (1015-1125)

Beijing: High/Low, 30°C /22°C

Erlian, Zamiin Uud: High/Low, 30°C/17°C

Ulaanbaatar: High/Low, 24°C/11°C (Rainy)

Gobi desert: High/Low, 9°C/up to 50°C

  • Hostels in Beijing and Ulaanbaatar

  • Local GERS during the Gobi Desert Trek

  • 2 nights on an overnight train and 1 night on an overnight bus

Yes, we will have an English speaking trek guide.

4 committee members will be bringing 12 of you! Slots are limited so don’t hesitate and sign up now!

Apart from being Rovers’ 1st time in Mongolia, this trek is definitely exotic (not many of us would’ve considered Mongolia as a place to visit).

The views are definitely gorgeous beyond words and the experience will be an unforgettable one.

While it might be slightly challenging with the site conditions and long hours of trekking, we believe it will be an adventure worth embarking on!

You may choose to get additional travel insurance on top of the one provided by NUS (if you are an NUS student).

As an additional precaution, you may get vaccines such as rabies vaccination.

  1. Our trek company is only able to provide non-halal meals and vegetarian meals.

  2. Additional 1.5L water can be brought from the guide at 1000MNT (less than $1) so don’t worry about having to carry too much water!

  3. Remember to bring warm clothings because it can get cold out there in the desert!

  4. We have also included a 1HR horse riding and 1HR camel riding experience

  5. Do note that we have no access to electricity for almost one week and there are some days where we will not be able to shower!

Contact us at if you have any queries.


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