Labrador Park ’17

The 38th Rovers Committee started their first local urban-nature trek at the Labrador Nature Reserve on 28 October 2017. Labrador Battery was part of the Mount Faber Fire Command as a watch point to guard against pirates before WW2. We also visited the Labrador Jetty, which was used between 1962-1997 to transfer liquid petroleum to a refinery near Tanjong Berlayer. Today, remains as a scenic rest point where you can see hobbyists fishing on the jetty.

Moving along, we passed by Dragon’s Teeth Gate (Long Ya Men), which was recorded in the great navigator Zhen He as one of his sailing landmarks.

Our initial nature trek transitioned into an urban trek as we crossed Berlayer Creek and Bukit Chemin Boardwalk. Along Keppel Bay, we were greeted by giant skyscrapers and apartments on our left, and luxurious yachts on our right. It was interesting and eye-opening to witness such beautiful architectures on our trail.

The last stop was Keppel Island. The backdrop offered majestic views of the southwest coast of Singapore. We took a few group photos before heading to VivoCity for lunch. This marks the end of 38th first local trek. Thank you to everyone who joined us !