Kranji Trail ’17

On 18th November 2017, we embarked on a mini adventure to explore the country side of Singapore: Kranji. We spent the afternoon trekking through historical places and discovering the beauty of nature. Our first stop was Kranji War Memorial Park which stood on top of a mini hill, allowing us a top view glimpse of Singapore. The participants got to explore around and see the architecture of the place, designed to pay respect to soldiers who have contributed their service from all over the world to protect th future generation.

Next, we trekked to Sungei Buloh while passing through Kranji reservoir park. At Sungei Buloh, we rediscover the swamp side of Singapore, hoping to observe rare migratory birds. Fortunately, it only started pouring towards the of the trek, which concluded at Sungei Buloh. Thank you everyone who came down during reading week, hope it was a good time spent in nature, away from the books 🙂