(The all exciting) Bromo Trek FAQ

When is the trip?
The trip is from 24 to 28th December (5D4N). We will set off from Singapore at around 7:30am (24 Dec) and arrive back in Singapore at around afternoon – evening. (TBC)
Where is Surabaya exactly?
Surabaya is Indonesia’s second-largest city and the capital of the province of East Java. It is located on the northern shore of eastern Java at the mouth of the Mas River and along the edge of the Madura Strait.
How much does this trip cost? What does the cost include?

It cost $650 per pax. It includes airfare, cost of the tour itself! Why so expensive you may ask? This is due to the number of attractions we are visiting! It’s 2 active (mind you they are alive!!) volcanos, one tall tall tall waterfall and also one water rafting to end the trip!! The comm members will also plan a Christmas celebration for your and of course an exchange of lovely presents!

How many participants will there be on this trek?
We hope to gather 12 lovely participants on this trek to explore Surabaya with us!
What is the itinerary like?
Get in touch with nature and see the blue flames of Ijen Crater. Next, behold the amazing sights of the beautiful landscapes from the vantage point of Mount Bromo following a visit to the madakaripura Waterfall. To conclude the trip, we would be doing white water rafting in Pekalen River. Day 1 (24th Dec) Flight from Singapore to Surabaya Airport. Bus to Bondowoso (Near Ijen Crater). We will then have dinner and rest for the day! (We gotta wake up early!) Day 2 (25th Dec) Wake up in the wee hours and submit Ijen Crater to see blue flames!!! Subsequently, we will take the tour bus to Mount Bromo! Day 3 (26th Dec) Then we will wake up in the morning to summit Mount Bromo & watch the sunrise. (Yay!) After lunch, there will be a trip to Madakaripura waterfall! Day 4 (27th Dec) We will then take the bus to Pekalen river for water rafting. (For those who have not water raft before, i promise you this is gonna be fun!) Then we will travel back to Surabaya area to stay for the night! Day 5 (28th Dec) We may spend take the morning or evening flight back to Singapore! (TBC) If we take the evening flight then we can explore Surabaya together!
Will there be a local guide?
Yes of course! With a guide they can better explain things to us which we would otherwise have missed! Guides are great!
Where will we be spending our nights?
All 4 nights will be spent in a hotel! (Woo hot shower!)
How is this trek different from the others?
2 active volcanoes, one with blue flames one with sunrise what more could you ask for? Top up with a sea full of sand for you to trek on (such majestic view!) and a water rafting experience, why not?

Brought to you by Team Bromo!

(We are a very exciting team, just wait)



Ee Zeng