Chiang Mai FAQ!

When is the trip?

The trip is from 12th to 17th June 2016 (6D5N). We will be meeting at Changi Airport on 12th June at 4:00pm, our flight leaves at 6:00pm. We will leave Bangkok at 10:25am on 17th June and return to Singapore that day at around 1:50pm.

What is the difficulty rating for this trip?

This trip is rated 2/5. While there are no technical climbs, each day’s trek may be draining due to the weather. 

How much does this trip cost? What does the cost include?

It cost $600 per pax. It includes airfare, cost of the tour itself! Why so expensive you may ask? This is due to the number of activities and attractions we are participating and visiting! There will be a train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and back, 2 local villages stayover, elephant riding, white water rafting as well as bamboo rafting in this trip!!! Members of NUS Rovers are eligible for a $5 discount. You are advised to bring along some extra money for personal expenses.

How many participants will there be on this trek?

We hope to gather 16 lovely participants on this trek to explore Chiang Mai with us!

What is the itinerary like?

Spending the virgin night in a train to Chiang mai while making friends. Next, experience a cool dip in the Mae Teang Waterfalls before spending not 1 but 2 nights in local villages such as Lahu village and Mahout village. Moreover, enjoy the moment while you are on top of an elephant, riding it. To conclude the trek, we would be doing white water rafting as well as bamboo rafting. 

Day 1 (12th June) Flight from Singapore to Bangkok. Overnight train to Chiang Mai.

Day 2 (13th June) Reach Chiang Mai and start our trek before concluding the day with a dip in the waterfall and staying over at Lahu village.

Day 3 (14th June) Mainly hiking with waterfall swimming slotted in-between. Subsequently, we will be residing in Mahout village (sleeping with the elephants).

Day 4 (15th June) We will be elephant riding, water rafting and bamboo rafting. (For those who have not done these before, get ready for FUN!!!) Then we will travel back to Bangkok via the overnight train!

Day 5 (16th June) We may spend the whole day enjoying ourselves in Bangkok!!!

Day 6 (17th June) Wake up in the morning and take our flight back to Singapore!

Will there be a local guide?

Yes of course! With a guide they can better explain things to us which we would otherwise have missed! Guides are great!

Where will we be spending our nights?

2 nights in a train, 2 nights in a village and the last night in a wonderful hotel!!! (Woo hot shower!)

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