Kowloon FAQs

When is this trip?

The trip is from 7th – 11th July (5D4N).  We set off for Hong Kong from Singapore at 6.20 am and arrive back at 12.10 am (12 July).

Where will we be visiting?

We will be covering several sections of the renowned MacLehose trail, as well as the Lion Rock Hill and the Ma Dai Stream.

What is the difficulty rating of this trek?

3 out of 5 stars. The terrain of the trails are relatively flat for most parts, except when we (literally) rise up to the challenge to ascend Tai Mo Shan – the highest mountain in Hong Kong – and Lion Rock Hill to take in a panoramic view of Kowloon.

How long are the various travel times?

The flight to and from Hong Kong takes approximately 4 hours, and the MTR rides range from 15 to 40 minutes.

How much does this trip cost? What does the cost include?

The cost of this trek is $450, subject to fluctuations in airfare. Members of NUS Rovers are eligible for a $5 discount. The cost includes round-trip airfares (without check-in baggage), a transport card and hostel accommodation.

How many participants will there be on this trek?

There will be 17 – 20 participants on this trek.

What is the itinerary like in one sentence?

Take in the breathtaking views of Kowloon and New Territories as you embark on the trails, enjoy a refreshing hike to a waterfall and feel the sense of accomplishment upon conquering the highest mountain in Hong Kong before rewarding yourself with a day of relaxation to explore the city.

Will there be a local guide?

No local guide will be hired but fret not! Trails in Hong Kong are well-marked and the organising team has consulted Hong Kong friends who are avid hikers atop reconnaissance.

Where will we be spending our nights?

We will be spending our nights in a hostel.

How and where will we be having our meals?

We will have breakfast before setting off for daily treks, pre-purchase lunch to be taken amidst treks and dinners back in the city of the Land of Dimsum.

Will there be shower facilities?

Yes, we will have just one opportunity to shower under the waterfall along Ma Dai Stream. (Bad jokes aside, shower facilities will be available every day in the hostel.)

Can I purchase my own air ticket?

Yup! You will pay only $220. However, you have to meet us at the exact date, time and location indicated by us. You will also not be allowed to leave half-way through the trek. (Though we don’t see why you would want to, we’re really fun people.)

Other notes?

Participants are expected to purchase their own travel insurance and should be prepared to carry ample amounts of water throughout the trek.

How is this trek different from the others?

You will be blown away (by the sea breeze and) by the amazing sea views and city skylines from some of the highest points and mountain in Hong Kong. And this comes after a refreshing warm-up trek to a waterfall! Sounds awesome? (YEAH!)

I have more questions. How?

More information will be relayed in detail during the pre-trek briefing. However, we welcome any questions from now till then. Feel free to contact Trek I/C Shi Chun (9630 4385) or drop us an email at nusroverskowloon2015@gmail.com.

I’ve packed my bags and am ready to go! Where do I sign up?

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