Yogyakarta Trek FAQ!

When is the trip?

The trip is from 06 May 2017 to 12 May 2017.

What better way to celebrate the end of finals?

How much will this trip cost? What does the cost include?

Estimated cost is $690 including airfare, all activities mentioned, accommodation and land transport.

Where will we be visiting?

We will be visiting Yogyakarta, central Java, Indonesia!

Some of the exciting activities that we will be doing involve a 2D1N trek up Mount Merbabu, going on a Mount Merapi Jeep tour (vroom vroom 🙂 ), abseiling down into Jomblang cave, cave tubing, water rafting as well as a “temple run” and sunrise viewing at the beautiful Borobudur temple.

What is the difficulty rating of this trek?

3/5, with treks at Mt Merbabu being a steeper one. Apart from that, we will be having a variety of other fun-filled activities listed above 🙂

How many participants will there be on this trek?

4 committee members with a maximum of 12 participants.

What is the brief itinerary?

Day 1 (6 May): Depart for Yogyakarta in the morning
Day 2 (7 May): Ascend Mt Merbabu, sunset, overnight stay at the campsite
Day 3 (8 May): Climb to the summit to see sunrise, descend
Day 4 (9 May): Exploring Jomblang Cave, Cave tubing at Kalisuci, mini trek in Imogiri Pines Forest
Day 5 (10 May): Sunrise view at Borobudur Temple, followed by Elo water rafting in the afternoon and Paintball
Day 6 (11 May): Mt Merapi Jeep Tour, free and easy, overnight train to Jakarta city
Day 7 (12 May): Afternoon flight from Jakarta to Singapore

Will there be a local guide?

Yes, we will be engaging a local agent and proper guides when we are climbing up Mt Merbabu so don’t worry!

Where will we be spending our nights?

We will be spending a night at 2800m above sea level on Mount Merbabu, and the rest of the nights at a local house in Yogyakarta city.

Will meals be provided?

Half of the meals will be provided, mainly breakfast and lunch for some of the days.
For the trek up Mt Merbabu, meals will be provided.

WIll there be shower facilities?

Yes, apart from Mt. Merbabu, there will be shower facilities at all the hotels.

How is this trek different from the others?

For the instagram lovers and photographers out there, there will be plenty of photo taking opportunities at the various sites that we will be visiting, especially at Mt Merbabu. Unleash your inner talent / model 🙂

For the adventure seekers, we will head on an adrenaline-filled jeep ride on Mt Merapi where you can see a scenic view of either Yogyakarta city or Mt Merbabu. From Mt Merbabu, we can view Mt. Merapi as well 🙂 We will also have a final showdown at a paintball area. May the odds be ever in your favour.

For the water lovers, we will be heading to water rafting where you will have a whale of your time riding the tides.

For everyone else, just come along to make new friends and have loads of fun!

What will the weather be like?

In the city, it will be averaging 30C which is comparable to Singapore. However, temperatures will drop rapidly (down to about 10 degree celsius) on top of the mountains, especially at night, so please be well-prepared!

Will there be a wet weather/inclement weather plan?

We will seek recommendations from our local guides. If permissible, we will continue with our ponchos. If not, we will seek shelter for safety.

What will happen in the event of a volcanic eruption?

Mt. Merbabu is a dormant volcano, so there is minimal risk for a volcanic eruption. However, as Mt. Merapi is an active volcano, we will constantly monitor the situation. In the event of a volcanic eruption, we will cease all climbing activities and seek the advice of the guides and local authorities. We will also bring along N95 masks.

When was the last major volcanic eruption for Mt Merapi?

Last eruption was in 2014. The last major eruption was in 2010.

Can I purchase my own airfare?

No, tickets will be booked in advance to facilitate the booking process and minimise costs.

Any extra expenses I may need to consider?

Souvenirs, shopping and meals are not provided (except for meals we have on Mt Merbabu trek). We will also highly recommend you to get general vaccinations (such as Influenza, typhoid vaccinations) as safety precautions.

I’m ready to go! How do I sign up?

Sign up here! Read our Terms and Conditions here!

I have more questions. How may I contact you?

Feel free to drop us an email at rovers.yogya2017@gmail.com should you have any queries. Alternatively, you may choose to contact our Trek I/C Tracy @ (82990572) or Weijie @ (82336689). Don’t need to hesitate!

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