Lantau/Hong Kong Island FAQs

When is this trip?

The trip is from 14 to 18 May (5D4N). We set off from Singapore at 6.20 am and arrive back in Singapore at 12:10 am (19 May).

Where is Lantau exactly?

Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong, often known as the “lungs of Hong Kong” due to the extensive forests on the island and few high rise buildings in this island due to the close proximity to the airport. We will be taking a ferry from Lantau to get to Hong Kong Island to continue with a day trek along the Hong Kong Trail!

What is the difficulty rating of this trek?

2.5 out of 5 stars. Some sections of the trek are along paved roads and are relatively easy.

How long are the various travel times?

The flight to Hong Kong takes 4 hours, and the ferry from Mui Wo in Lantau to Central (Hong Kong Island) takes about 40 minutes.

How much does this trip cost? What does the cost include?

The cost of this trek is $450, subject to fluctuations in airfare. Members of NUS Rovers are eligible for a $5 discount. The cost includes round-trip airfares (without check-in baggage), accommodation and meals during the trek (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners).

How many participants will there be on this trek?

There will be 20 participants on this trek.

What is the itinerary like in one sentence?

Trekking to get breathtaking views of greenery, sea and the city – all in one, and then… Shopping here we come!

Will there be a local guide?

Who needs a local guide when we can get maps and plan our route in a city like Hong Kong?

Where will we be spending our nights?

We will be spending two nights in tents on Lantau Island (Kau Ling Chung Campsite and Nam Shan Campsite), and the subsequent two nights in hostels on Hong Kong Island.

How and where will we be having our meals?

We will be having our lunch on the first day at the mall prior to our trek. We will then be carrying rations for our dinner from day 1 to lunch on day 3. We will have breakfast before setting off on our treks, lunch on the go and field cooking for dinner at the campsites.

Will there be shower facilities?

There will not be shower facilities on the first day at Kau Ling Chung Campsite, so do prepare wet wipes for yourselves. There will be shower facilities (phew!) at the Nam Shan Campsite and the hostels.

Other notes?

We will be carrying 4 tents (each sleeps 6) with us to Hong Kong and will be sharing the load, so do pack light! Also, there will be few Halal certified food outlets in Hong Kong, so Muslim students might want to bring their own food.

How is this trek different from the others?

We have views of the sea, the mountains and the city, all in one. Need we say more to excite you, when there’s great dim sum, roast meats, milk tea and shopping in for us?