Affordable rates.
~ ROVERS, after all, comprises of students like you looking out for trips on a budget.

Beginner friendly.
~ ROVERS takes into account the experience of our trek participants. Ideal for beginners and experienced trekkers alike!

Commitment ZERO.
~ ROVERS’ events are entirely optional and organised only during the semester breaks. We understand the need for students to focus on their academic pursuits during the semester, and the need to let loose when the time comes.

Experience Mother Nature.
~ ROVERS believes getting back in touch with nature; we ain’t camping in no urban jungle, but a REAL one instead!

Forge new friendships.
~ ROVERS brings together individuals who embrace the outdoors.

Lifelong benefits
~ ROVERS’ members receive a t-shirt and YOUR membership allows you to enjoy 5% off ALL overseas trekking trip (rounded up to the nearest whole number and capped at $50)