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Pulag Trek FAQ!

When is this trip?

The trip is from 7th to 13th 2015 (6D5N). We will be meeting at Changi Airport on 7th Dec at 3pm, our flight leaves at 5pm. We leave Manila on 12th Dec and return on the next day at around 1am (13th Dec).

Where will we be visiting?

We will be visiting the Philippines, more specifically 3 cities (Sagada, Baguio and Banaue), and 1 mountain, Mt Pulag. Baguio is a city in Northern Luzon known as the gateway to Mt Pulag National Park . Mt Pulag is the highest peak on Luzon island at 2922m and the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. Sagada is famous for it’s amazing caves and unique cultural  heritage. We will be going spelunking (caving) in a nearby cave formation and trekking to a waterfall. We will also be going to nearby Banaue County for its distinct rice terraces.

What is the difficulty rating of this trek?

3 out of 5 stars. The climb up Mt Pulag will be not be too physically challenging as it involves a minor elevation change of about 500m in total. The trail is mostly gentle with few steep sections and the cool temperatures will be a great blessing. The most challenging portion will likely be the timing of the climb as we have to leave our campsite at 4 am in order to reach the summit for sunrise.  The trekking in Sagada will be on mostly flat terrain, however the spelunking expedition is physically challenging and will involve using all your limbs.

How much does this trip cost? What does the cost include?

The estimated cost of this trek is $600 SGD (dependent on airfare price). The money you pay will go into airfare, all land transport, the permits & guides, equipment for the climb up Mt Pulag (tents), meals within Mt Pulag National Park, 1 night accommodation in Baguio, 2 nights accommodation in Sagada, as well as insurance. Members of NUS Rovers are eligible for a $5 discount. You will however have to bring your own money for your own expenses.

How many participants will there be on this trek?

There will be 15-20 participants on this trek.

What is the brief itinerary?

Day 0 (7 Dec): Flight from Singapore to Manila. Overnight bus to Baguio.

Day 1 (8 Dec): Arrive in Baguio. Jeepney to Mt Pulag village. After lunch in village, hike to camp 2. Rest early for summit attempt.

Day 2 (9 Dec): Rise early for sunrise summit of Mt Pulag. Return to Baguio by jeepney for overnight stay.

Day 3 (10 Dec): Bus ride from Baguio to Sagada. Spelunking in the afternoon and overnight stay in Sagada.

Day 4 (11 Dec):. Breakfast then bus ride to Bomod-ok waterfall. Jeepney back to Sagada for lunch. Jeepney to Banaue for rice terraces. Return to Sagada for overnight stay.

Day 5 (12 Dec): Rise early for trip to Kiltepan viewpoint to watch sunrise.Bus travel from Sagada to Manila. Flight from Manila at 2100.

Day 6 (13 Dec) Flight arrival in Singapore at around 1 am.

Will there be a local guide?

We have enlisted a local agency to provide the guides, transport and accommodation.

Where will we be spending our nights?

Of the 6 nights, one will be spent on the overnight bus and the last night will be on the plane. Of the remaining 4 nights, 1 will be spent camping at Mt Pulag Campsite, 1 will be in a Baguio accomodation and 2 will be spent in another accommodation in Sagada.

How and where will we be having our meals?

All meals will be provided except for breakfast on Day 1. We will be getting our own food for that meal and the local guides will advise us on various food options that are safe for consumption.

Will there be shower facilities?

There will be a shower facilities after the Mt Pulag climb and in the accommodations.

How is this trek different from the others?

Among our December treks, this trip will be the coldest! Temperatures on Mt Pulag can drop below 10 degrees at night and Sagada is located in the mountains as well. For ardent peak baggers, we will summit Mt Pulag, the highest mountain on Luzon island at 2922m.

What will the weather be like?

December is the dry season for the Philippines, however we must be prepared for rain at any time as we are still in the tropics after all. Temperatures will be mostly cool (15-20 degrees celsius in the cities at sea level) to downright cold (7-10 degrees on Mt Pulag). Cold wear is strongly recommended.

Will there be a wet weather plan?

In the event of rain, the Trek I/C, Safety Officer, along with the local guides will decide if we are able to carry on with the planned activity.

Can I purchase my own airfare?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. This is due to the fact that we would need to be accountable for all the tickets for your own convenience, and your own safety. We are still accountable for your safety throughout the trip. 

I have more questions. How?

More information will be relayed in detail during the pre-trek briefing, which will be held on 13th November 2015. However, we welcome any questions from now till then. Feel free to contact Trek I/C Rob (93431726) OR drop us an email at ( Also, do check out this video for a sneak peek of Mt Pulag!

I’ve packed my bags and am ready to go! Where do I sign up?

Click here! Read our Terms and Conditions here!

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